HEY, STELLA: a NYX Round Lipstick review

I'm not new to NYX's like of Round Lipsticks. In fact, I have several of them in the old packaging that I still love--including Doll, Tea Rose, and Louisiana. So, when I received a NYX.com gift card code from NYX, I chose this lipstick.

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First, I want to talk about the new packaging. It seems a little more sturdy than the older cases. However, I was a little disappointed to find that the bottom section no longer has a little bit of lipstick in it: it's now a piece of rubber that's the same color as the lipstick.

Here you can see the packaging and the true texture of the lipstick - pretty gritty. Secret: it's all glitter!

I really, really wanted to like this lipstick. The formula is great, and the color is gorgeous. It's a lovely, bright flamingo pink. When I looked at swatches of it online, I was floored by the color and was bought on the fact that it was a lovely creme shade. However, it is not. It contains microglitter. When I noticed this, I was highly disappointed.

On the few occasions that I've tried to wear this, the glitter ended up on my upper lip and all over my chin. It really wasn't a good look.

This happened after five minutes on my face.  What? HOW?

Bottom line? Would not recommend.  If it didn't have any glitter in it, I would be all over this puppy. However, I can't get into the whole I have glitter right under my nose from my lipstick idea.

Here you can see how much of a glitterbomb this lipstick is. This is after wiping  the swatch off my hand. 
Close up, natural light. 

Full face, with flash. I love the color!

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