Crabtree & Evelyn haul!

I had the greatest time out with my mother yesterday. We went downtown and spent the day browsing through stores and having great conversations! She suggested that we pop into a shop called Crabtree & Evelyn, which I had never heard of. She mentioned that it was a relatively exclusive bath and body product store, which I was totally okay with looking around in.

And, of course, we ended up picking up a few little things.

After sweeping through the whole store, Mom and I were both overwhelmed. Body butters, perfumes, lotions and other potions in eye-catching pastels lined the gorgeous shelves. Each fragrance we tested was better than the next! We didn't want to leave empty-handed, though, so we were relieved when a display of smaller hand lotions near the cash register screamed out at us. 

Because I wasn't that familiar with the company, we decided to get a few of these hand lotions from their Hand Therapy line in Avocado Olive & Basil, Rosewater, and Gardeners. 

Avocado Olive & Basil is a light, fresh scent. I can almost smell the creaminess of the avocado, the warmth of the olive, and the freshness from the basil. This is a perfect scent for summer!

Rosewater is your basic rose scent, but it doesn't disappoint in the least. Maybe it's because of my obsession with roses, but I can't get enough of this fragrance.

Gardeners is another great addition. It's the most moisturizing out of the three. It's marketed as having no scent, but it smells very faintly of menthol to me (in a very pleasant way!). We bought this for my father for Fathers' Day. 

We also got samples. I'm in love.

The packaging on this is no joke - it's a very heavy weighted paper packet with the most gorgeous scent inside. It's a light, sophisticated floral fragrance that almost borders on grandmotherly, but doesn't.  It's a lovely light scent for summer if you're not interested in Avocado Olive & Basil!

They also gave us tea. Tea. It's like they knew me personally or something. This appears to be a basic black tea, but I haven't tried it just yet. We got two of them, and Mom and I are waiting to have these so that we can sit down and have these teas together.

That's everything! Has anyone else heard of Crabtree & Evelyn before? What are your favorites from them? 

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