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Colder weather means cozier clothes, and the coziest of them all is the classic oversized sweater. They're absolutely perfect because they're comfortable enough to be loungewear, but cute enough to wear in public. They key aspect of wearing a big sweater, however, is knowing how to style it. Next time you have your heart set on leaving the house in a sweater so big you could recede into it like a turtle, try these ideas to make it into an acceptable outfit.

Tip #1: Play with proportions. 

Smartie in a Sweater
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Feel like you might be swallowed up by your big sweatshirt? You can avoid this by pairing the loose top with a tighter bottom. Show of those legs with a mini skirt and a pair of tights, and complete the outfit with a sleek pair of heeled chelsea boots. Need more warmth? Pair it with leggings and some wool socks. (Need even more? Skip the shave and grow your own layer of insulation.)

Tip #2: Stay comfortable and cute.

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Remember how I just said to pair a loose top with a tight bottom? Forget that. Instead, try pairing a baggy sweater alongside a floaty skirt. It's definitely more casual than the first option, but not any less cute. Wear this to a coffee shop with a top knot in your second day hair to get some work done over your favorite holiday drink. (Caramel brulee latte, anyone?)

Tip #3: Play with textures.


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Experimenting with textures can be a lot of fun! Instead of pairing a sweater with your favorite jeans, which can get boring after a while, try something new like leather trousers or leggings. It can be a safe but cute way to experiment with branching out your style (and it's quite a bit warmer than just denim in the winter). Of course, leather can be controversial, so it's your call whether you opt for vegan or the real deal.

How do you like to wear big sweaters or jumpers?

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