Thank you for 100 Bloglovin followers!

After blogging for fun for the last year and a half, I reached a milestone: one hundred followers on Bloglovin! Mascara Warrior has been through quite a few changes over the course of its lifetime, starting out as a beauty-only blog to branching out to other topics (like blogging!). At the present, I've been working very hard to rebrand and generate better content for you guys, and I am very proud of this tiny little victory I've achieved.

I'd really like to know: What would you like to see more of on this blog? Beauty? DIYs? Topic articles? You name it. Please comment below,  shoot me an email, or tweet me with your ideas.

And, for a little bit of fun, just to celebrate...
For those of you just tuning in, if you're not following me on Bloglovin, you could be. And, also, if you've never heard of Bloglovin, it's a neat little way to follow all your favorite blogs in one feed.

Thank you to all one hundred of you for your support! I really am floored. Here's to a hundred more of you!

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