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I love blogging. There, I said it. It started as a hobby, but it soon grew to something that I've become quite passionate about. I've found that regardless of the topic I choose to pursue, I found a love for creating content, scheduling, sharing, researching ways to improve, and oh, the productivity tools. For the curious, I've compiled a list of things I use. Let's get technical, shall we?

Right now, I'm using the Blogger platform for my blog hosting and posting purposes. I know there's a lot of talk on how Wordpress is better, and how self-hosting is really the way to go, but Blogger suits my needs. If I end up with a sizable readership one day, I would like to self-host my blog... but I can't really justify it right now. I do like Blogger's rich text editor since it makes composing posts a breeze, but I'm not fond of the way it compresses the resolution of the photos I upload, so...

I've recently begun uploading my photos to Flickr. It's worth the extra step while drafting a post because because the finished photo edits don't look low-quality. Speaking of photo editing, I like using Photoshop CS5 because I can edit the look of the photos as well as place text or graphics on them in the same program. I use a Canon PowerShot A4000IS to take pictures, which gets the job done, but I'm looking to upgrade to a DSLR once I've got some disposable income to play around with.

When it comes to sharing my blog posts on social media, I use two different programs: Buffer and I use to send my posts automatically to Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter, but I also really like Buffer to easily queue posts and updates to social platforms. If I had to choose one, though, it would be Buffer because of the easy user interface.

Hopefully you found this interesting! I'd like to do more posts in the future about the technical side of blogging. What would you like to read about? And bloggers, what do you use?


  1. Great items in your blogging toolkit! For me, I use a Nikon DSLR and Adobe Lightroom to edit my photos! I miss the days when I used Photoshop CS5!
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

  2. Posting photos through Flickr seems like such a hassle, but I think I'll need to try it out because I can't stand low quality photos! xx

    Mel // izzipenelope


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