Birthday Snapshots: 22

I'm sure you're all extremely intrigued as to what I did for my 22nd birthday, so I'll enlighten you. You'll love it.

Since my birthday was on a Tuesday, I didn't do anything too crazy that night. Instead, I went out to dinner with my parents and aunt at a local Italian restaurant. It was delicious! I didn't get any pictures while there, but I did get the cake we came back to eat:

funfetti cake

I got to spend the following weekend with my boyfriend out of state! We went to the state fair and wandered around for a few hours. We only went on one ride together because all the spinning on it made me feel sick, but we walked around, went to the petting zoo, and watched some sideshows.

petting zoo 1




We also went to Medieval Times for a fun night out filled with knights, swordfights, and eating half a chicken with your bare hands.



The next day I went back home, but not before we went to the diner and fueled up for the trip back. I had calamari for the first time, which was oddly cute but actually delicious.


I had a wonderful birthday weekend! Thank you all for your warm birthday wishes on my last post. I really appreciate them! And thanks for your patience while I started a new job and fell a little behind on the blogging front. 

How do you like to spend your birthday?

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