6 Mugs You Didn't Know You Needed Until Right Now

Need some mugspiration? We've got you covered. Here are 6 of the prettiest mugs we'd want to drink an invigorating cup of coffee or a relaxing tea in. | mascarawarrior.com

Mugs are personal. It's ritual, it's routine. You choose one in the morning to accompany you on your journey to wakefulness, one in the evening to comfort and help you drift off to sleep, or one for any other time of day when you need a drink. Then there's your choice of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate... full strength or decaf... and whatever flavor you're craving at the moment. Whatever you decide, the choice of mug is just as important. The above six are beautiful ones that I wouldn't mind at all adding to my collection... because your favorite drinks just taste so much better in a pretty mug. (And let's be real: mugs are one of the greatest things you can collect.)


Cameras Repeat by Ella Doran 
Short, sleek, and so fun to look at. Definitely one for your inner hipster.
Perfect for an afternoon cup of coffee with french vanilla creamer over a good book.

Eat Cake for Breakfast by Kate Spade 
Tall, outspoken, and utterly sweet. 
Perfect with a naturally sweet cup of Marzipan Rooibos tea from my favorite cafe and local tea place, the Whistling Kettle

Delphinium by bluebellegray
Classy watercolors of  beautiful flowers in this perfect handful of a mug. 
Perfect for a cup of Lady Grey tea while you're studying at your desk at night.

Caroline in Grey by Bloomingville
A crisp and classic mug. 
Perfect for your mandatory cup of coffee in the morning.

Black Accent Earthenware by Burleigh 
A fun, sleek pattern in classic colors that won't clash with your kitchen.
Perfect for a homemade cappuccino. 

Pea Green Tinware Mug by Canvas
A soothing color made to help you take a load off.
Perfect with a mug filled with sleepytime tea.

What's your idea of the perfect mug?

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