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Like any other beauty-obsessed human, I am completely enamored with Sephora. Whenever I'm around one, I have to go into it. It's like I'm a magnet being pulled in!

I popped by Sephora right before my knee surgery happened in order to pick up a few little things. A week or so after that, I made an order online while recovering. A little retail therapy does wonders, my friend. 

Benefit Real Birthday Turn-Ons set: My birthday was a little while ago, so I was happy to pick out this little gift from when I went to the store. It contains a mini They're Real! Mascara and a mini Watt's Up? Highlighter. Love the highlighter, and the mascara gives unreal results, but smudges easily on me and leaves my lashes feeling brittle afterward.

Fresh Sugar Kisses Mini Lip Duo: When I saw that I could order a birthday gift after collecting mine in stores, I was quite happy. This was last year's birthday gift, which I missed out on redeeming. Apparently, Sephora still had some in stock, so I was able to choose between this and the Benefit set. Since I wasn't crazy enough about that mascara to want more than one, I ordered this one instead.  I actually really like this lip treatment! I also love how this smells a little bit like lemon.

Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Ransom and El Dorado. I was bummed that they discontinued my favorite colors in favor of new similar shades but with different formulation. I was especially upsets because El Dorado was the perfect gold for my skin. While browsing Sephora online, I saw that a few of these "vintage" shades were on sale--and my favorite gold included! It drove me to place the online order. I've got a whole post dedicated to these puppies coming up, so I won't say too much else about them. I'll update with links!

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Duo in Original and Candlelight: After trying all the industry standards, I found that TFSI is my holy grail eyeshadow primer. I love it because it leaves my shadow intact, vibrant, and as crease-free as it is when it's first applied. I wanted to try the one in Candlelight, and I'm glad I did! I adore it. It deserves a post of its own, so I won't go into any further detail about that.  These are both smaller than I thought they would be, but it's totally okay: these two little tubes together are only .01 oz less than the full size, but it's six dollars less. Score!

Now, excuse me. I have to go play with my new makeup. *U*

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  1. I love the Fresh lip duo. I picked one of those up for my birthday last year. I am excited to try the benefit mascara. My mom got her kit and loves it. You can not go wrong with UD eyeliners.


  2. I love the UD eyeliner colors you chose, perfect for the summer! And I love the name of your blog X) I am your newest follower, hopefully you can check out my blog!


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