Saving Face: An Old Favorite

My skin has been freaking out recently, and I really can't figure out why. I get hormonal cystic acne about once a month, but the active breakouts themselves don't last very long. My only problem that these breakouts leave are the hyperpigmentation marks that follow and last several months.

However, I've recently been getting whiteheads and blemishes all over my face--including my nose, forehead, and cheeks--in addition to the cystic acne all over my jaw and down onto my neck. As you could imagine, it gets pretty gnarly.

This month, my trusty Revlon Colorstay foundation (I wear the shade buff!) has been saving my face. Well, maybe not saving it per se... maybe hiding it would be a better phrase to use. Even though this foundation is a little heavy for the warmer months, I can still dab a little bit on the problem areas on my face and blend it in to get near-flawless coverage. If I need a little more coverage in a certain area, I can easily build it without getting cakey. If I need even more coverage, which is usually on my hyperpigmentation, I go in with my MAC Studio Finish concealer (NC 20). Usually, I just leave the foundation on and go.

Anyway, this has really been making my skin look better than it feels. This foundation hasn't failed me yet! I'm already on my second bottle (after using the first one on-and-off for two years), and I'm still in love with it.

What are you all loving this week?

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