Getting a Pop of Color: Lorac GloGetter Eyeshadow Palette

A week or so ago, I was out shopping with my mom for the day. We ran a few errands in the same general area that Ulta is in. I didn't recall having a need to go to Ulta, but I remember that I had recently tried to buy the GloGetter palette online after eyeing it for so long that the limited edition palette was no longer available. I thought that I might try my chances looking in the store itself for any stragglers.

Boy, was I lucky. I quite literally picked up the last GloGetter palette that was in the entire store. Score!

After going crazy with my Lorac Pro palette, I leapt at the chance to have another quality Lorac product in my collection (and at a steal for $20!). This is a colorful collection of ten shades that feature a good mix of brights as well as neutrals to pair them with. 

Its packaging is sleeker than that of the Pro palette, being made of hard plastic. Although this is better than how the Pro's packaging smudges easily, it can be pretty slippery. It also shows scratches very easily.

Though this is being marketed as a palette of brights, this is surprisingly accessible to those who are more comfortable with neutrals (like myself!). My favorite of these include the shimmery peach, the warm matte mid-toned brown, and the satin-finished navy blue. These wear really well, and as with all Lorac shadows, application is a dream. The shadows are buttery and last for a long time on the lid (with primer, of course.)

Swatches, without primer. 

I reach for this palette more often than I thought I would. Maybe this is just the nudge in the right direction I needed to play with color!

Anyone else get to snag this palette when it was available? Which colors are your favorites?

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  1. Supe pretty palette! Jealous! Lol the lorac shadows apply so nicely!
    Kallie, But First Coffee

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    Nice post...
    Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin and GFC!!!
    Have a gr8 week...
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  3. Oh wow that is really pretty! I am definitely a neutrals girl but the brights would work well with the ones in that palette!


  4. That is a gorgeous palette! The colors are beautiful! I'm really wanting to try out a Lorac palette haha. Great post, Em! :)

  5. Have you tried the lorac pro palette? I keep trying to order it from Sephora and it is always out of stock!

  6. So so beautiful! Wish I was able to snag this baby when it was available.



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