Tea Collection 1.0

Hello, all!

It's that time of year again: finals are over (or still happening for some!) and it's time to start packing everything up to move out of the dorm! Well, in my case, I'm moving from one room into another. I'll be staying at my college this summer as a summer RA!

I had to say goodbye to my MicroFridge rental this morning, and I was so sad that I turned to a cup of tea to cope. (How else can one cope, right?) I couldn't find a cup that I was interested in, so I dug out my whole collection and figured it would be a good opportunity for a photo! I love taking a peep at other peoples' collections, so I figured my blog might like it too.

The ones I love are Sleepytime, Sleepytime Peach, chamomile, Sleepytime Vanilla, Orange Pekoe, and French Vanilla Chai. Right now I'm drinking a monstrously big cup of the chai and it's absolutely delicious. This enormous mug I'm drinking it in is my personal favorite:

Are you a lover of tea, too? What's your favorite kind? :)

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