7 Health Apps You NEED to Try

Best health apps

It's important to take care of yourself both physically and emotionally.

Common knowledge, yes. But how many of us actually take the time to think about our health? (Besides, you know, when you feel guilty about just polishing off a whole pizza/carton of ice cream/party sized bag of chips. Or when you go swimsuit shopping.)

However, being healthy doesn't just mean eating nutritious food and exercising regularly. Being healthy also includes taking care of your body in other ways: by practicing self care, checking in with your emotional health, and keeping your body in check.

How do you keep your body in check without exercising, you might ask? By paying attention to the things you might overlook on a daily basis.

Here are the apps that can help you get there.

Plant Nanny. Everyone knows that drinking water is important, but not all of us drink enough. It's easy to forget to do, too. This app helps you stay on track hydration-wise by giving you an adorable plant to look after. You can enable notifications throughout the day to remind you to water your plant (and yourself).

Mango Health is a great app to use if you take several medications or supplements a day. It reminds you what time you need to take them and records how many doses you've missed so that you can see how you're doing. In addition, it sends you notifications of any interactions that your medication might have with others and reminds you when you need to refill your prescription.

iP tracker. Yep, ladies - this is exactly what you think it is. iP tracks your menstrual cycle so you know when to expect your next period. It also allows you to track your moods and symptoms so that you can learn to see patterns and figure out where you are in your cycle. I've been using this app for years and even paid to upgrade to the full version - if that's not happiness with an app, then I don't know what is.

Pacifica. A recent addition to my anxiety toolkit, but an important one. Pacifica is an amazing app for your mental health, especially if you live with anxiety. It allows you to track your anxiety and stress levels, includes deep breathing and self-reflection exercises, and makes you more aware of your symptoms and triggers.

F.lux has been installed on my computer for a few years, and it's been such a blessing. It tints your computer screen so that it isn't as harsh on your eyes. So if you're up late at night working on the computer, the harsh blue light would turn into a softer, gentler orange so that it won't interfere as much with your sleep.

Sunglasses. Sometimes your computer is still too bright, even on the darkest screen setting. To prevent eye strain, especially if you're doing a lot of work or research in-browser, I strongly recommend Sunglasses. It's an extension for google Chrome that allows you to control the brightness within your browser, making your eyes feel better. (It's a real powerhouse when you pair it with F.lux, too.)

Sleepyti.me helps you figure out when to go to sleep or wake up based on sleep cycles. Sleep cycles are periods that are typically 90 minutes long. It's best to wake up right after a sleep cycle ends, because if you wake up in the middle of one you'll feel groggy. It's a great calculator to figure out what bedtime or wake-up time is right for you.

With the implementation these tools, you'll be making more of a conscious effort to care for your health. This might be one small step, but it's a giant leap towards taking better care of yourself for the long run.

Tell me: What are your favorite health apps?

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