Stressed out? Here are five ways to stress less.

Sometimes too many projects pile up on top of each other. There are times when all those meetings and other things you have to go to happen within a short time period. Other times, we just don’t know how we’re going to get through the week. We’ve all been there. When too many things begin to pile up before me, I tend to go into automatic shutdown mode. (My ever-graceful and very effective method of coping is laying face down on the floor. I can’t even fix things from down there.) Worried that everything that’s been weighing on your shoulders is getting the best of you? Here are some ideas to get you ready to get back in control.

Make time for yourself. 
Carving out time for yourself is essential for combating stress. Whether it's going out for coffee with a friend, getting a manicure, or snuggling under a blanket with a favorite book, an enjoyable distraction can help give you some perspective on the situation. Not only does it give you a break from doing what’s stressing you out, but it also gives your brain a break from thinking about it.

Focus on the little things.
Don’t have time to pencil in a break during your hectic schedule? Work it in before or afterward. Wake up twenty minutes earlier than you usually would in the mornings to do some relaxing yoga. Pamper yourself with a face mask while you get ready for bed. Wear your fanciest pajamas to sleep. You’re worth spoiling, darling.

Adjust your surroundings.
Feeling overworked and overwhelmed? Go clean something. Rearrange your bookshelf, tidy up your vanity or desk, fluff the pillows on your bed. Giving order to the environment around you is a fantastic way to feel like you’re in control of things, which will make you feel more confident when conquering other tasks.

Get outside.
Another quick way to rejuvenate is to take a walk. Being immersed in nature is a fantastic remedy in and of itself, and a quick ten minutes with mother nature can do wonders. Digging out some walking shoes, lacing up, and getting out there is great not only because of the physical distance you put between yourself and your troubles, but also because physical activity will clear your mind.

Talk about it.
If all else fails, don’t be afraid to talk it out. Sometimes we all need someone to listen to us complain about our assignments, our workload, or anything else we have to get done. It helps us realize that we’re not alone in dealing with stress, which is a great relief in and of itself. Keeping your worries to yourself may seem like an easy way to deal with it, but bottling it up can make you feel even worse in the long run.

Are there any special things you like to do to combat stress? Share the knowledge below.

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