SWATCH-OFF: Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin VS Too Faced Shadow Insurance in Champagne

I recently found myself running out of eyeshadow primer, so I picked up some Too Faced Shadow Insurance, my favorite formula out there, in Candlelight. I was interested in trying this out because I have used Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin, and I thought that they might be dupes for each other. Unfortunately, they weren't: Candlelight is more of a light yellow-gold, while Sin is more pink. However, I realized that there was a Too Faced eyeshadow primer that was closer in color to Sin: Too Faced Shadow Insurance in Champagne! Here they are, swatched side by side:
Above, TFSI in Champagne; Below, UDPP in Sin
As visible above, Champagne is more of a yellow-toned color, whereas Sin is more of a light pinky-taupe.

These shimmery "flavors" wear just as long as their originals do. After taking the above photo, I vigorously rubbed away at the swatches to see if I could disturb them at all. I found that after these primers set, they pretty much stay. The only transfer I noted was that some of the shimmer transferred and the edges had faded away slightly.

The edges don't look as crisp, and some shimmer did transfer, but the integrity of the swatches held.
If you're having a tough time deciding between the two, all you really need to consider are the differences in formula and how each would work for you. Too Faced's Shadow Insurance family is pretty great for oily lids, whereas Urban Decay's Primer Potion series is best suited for normal to dry eyelids. Both of these primers wore pretty much the same way for the same length of time.

I really like both of these colors! What's your favorite eyeshadow primer/base? Do you go for opaque colors like these, or are you more partial to sheer formulas? I usually wear matte eyeshadows, so I use a sheer primer post of the time. Otherwise, when I'm going for something more colorful (or even just for a quick wash of color when I'm in a hurry!), I use an opaque one!

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  1. I absolutely love Too Faced! Great post


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