Outfits of the Weekend: Graduation/Fathers' Day

As I mentioned in some earlier posts, I went away this past weekend. My sister had a commemoration dinner for her graduation of the grad school program she was in on Saturday in Rhode Island, and the next day we went to brunch to celebrate Father's day. I thought I looked pretty snazzy, so I wanted to show what I wore!

A not at all watermark brought to you by yours truly!

On the left is what I wore to the dinner on Saturday night. I got to see my sister give a speech, get her diploma, and mingle with her friends. I was also the designated picture-taker, but I managed to get in a few of the photos, like the one above! Both the creme-colored blouse and the black/creme skirt I'm wearing are from LOFT. The cardigan is from Target. For makeup, I went with a neutral smokey eye with winged liner. I was totally wearing bright pink lips, too, but it came off during dinner and I stopped caring what I looked like as soon as I had a glass of wine. (Also, my hair got really, really long. When did that happen?!?)

On the right is what I wore to brunch with the family! I wore a blouse by Valerie Bertinelli that I found at Marshall's last summer tucked into my new pair of Marisa cropped pants from LOFT. I'm pretty much only wearing foundation and mascara--I didn't sleep too well the night before, so my dark circles could not be tamed that morning. Ah, well. I was wearing coral lip product, too, but then I ate. I like eating better than I like reapplying lipstick. 

So, if it wasn't obvious before now, I'm a big fan of neutrals. I mean, look at that color variation. Wow. What colors do you like wearing the best?

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  1. Cute outfits! My favorite is the first one :)
    xoxo -B ♡

  2. Great outfits - especially the one on the right :) x



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