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I was sitting around earlier this evening playing with some makeup (who doesn't?) and I ended up with a really fun look that I wanted to share. Here's my take on Feathered Eyeliner!

I got this look by playing around with my liquid liner. I felt like messing around, so I scrunched up my face and threw a dash of liquid liner on my lower lash line. I really liked how the line it made wasn't completely solid, and I thought that it kind of looked like a feather. So, the next thing I did was fill in the spaces in between the black marks with a white pencil liner. I really liked how it turned out, so I submitted it on /r/makeupaddiction so I decided to make a blog post about it!

Here's what I used: 

A matte, dark grey eyeshadow and a light grey matte shadow from my Coastal Scents 252 Palette, the shade  Venus from UD's Naked Basics, NYX Slide On Liner in White, and The Balm's Schwing! Liquid Liner in black.

What do you think? Would you wear this out in public? I would... if I could recreate it again. I tried for ages on the other eye, but I just couldn't get it right! That's why this picture only has one eye featured:


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  1. nice little trick! i like it.

    and i really like the eyeshadow palette too!



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  3. it looks pretty!
    iv never tried this before.

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