Favorite Etsy Finds!

One of my favorite things to do is shop online. Another one of my interests, however, is supporting independent businesses and smaller companies. My favorite place where these two interests of mine meet is Etsy, one of my latest obsessions!

One of my pet peeves, however, is when I see bloggers credit a piece as being from Etsy, but not remembering which store it came from. So, here are a few of my favorites that I've found on the site so far and the stores in which they were found! I haven't purchased from any of these sellers yet, but these items are so beautiful that I might just have to do it soon. 

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Travel Wallet / Passport holder / Field notes Holder by ReedLeather.  I was browsing for new wallets when I came across this beautiful leather monstrosity. I love the simplistic design, neutral color, and multipurpose use you can get out of it. The poet/English Major in me is especially drawn by the Field Notes memo book holder.

Dainty Bow Ring by GuoWireArt. I found this while searching for midi rings. As someone who let her ear piercings close up years ago, I was surprised to find that I was as enthralled as I was by this delicate ear cuff.  Its simplicity makes looking put together seem effortless. I am definitely ordering this piece of cuteness.  I'm definitely going to try using this as a midi ring, too!

I Will Follow You Into The Dark Nail Polish by DIFFERENTdimension. I fell in love with this etsy shop as soon as I found out that they had Doctor Who inspired nail polishes. This polish in particular caught my eye. It's a gorgeous dark steel chrome nail polish that looks especially clean and sophisticated. Not to mention that the swatch from Chalkboard Nails is captivating in and of itself. I wish I could get my cuticles to look like that!

If you want to take a sneak peek at the rest of my favorites on Etsy, you can do so here on my Etsy profile! I don't have a storefront up... not yet, anyway...

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Find anything else cute on Etsy lately? Do you like these kinds of posts? Let me know!

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