Tiny things: stocking up for summer!

Yesterday, I managed to acquire some new, non-beauty related things. I felt like sharing them anyway!

In case you didn't know, I am very much a tea addict. Not only did I pick up some of my favorite tea (Sleepytime, which I had just run out of), but I also picked up two new boxes of tea for me to try! I'm pretty excited to try me some Mandarin Orange Spice. I couldn't help but to rip into that box of Sleepytime Peach... That stuff is tasty. I'm enjoying a cup of it right now.

I also got a crochet hook! I'm so pleased. I misplaced mine and haven't been able to do any crocheting, so I'm excited to get started again. Especially now that I'm essentially done with college for the semester and won't have many exciting things to do for a while besides summer classes and a job.

That's all on my end! Have you guys picked up anything fun recently?

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