I'll be there for you.

This site is a space that focuses on motivation, self-improvement, and reflection. However, none of that can successfully happen without a good support system.
Today marks my 100th published post on this blog, and it really got me thinking about what I want this blog to become. I want this space to be a place to reinforce positive changes and to inspire you. I definitely know that I'll be making some important life changes in the coming year, so I want to utilize this platform to create a safe space to help us both learn and grow.
I want you to know that whatever your goals are for the coming year, I support you one hundred percent. (Unless, of course, you resolve to commit crimes. Then I probably do not.) Mascara Warrior is going to remain a positive space for you to self-motivate, reflect, and improve yourself in whatever capacity you can handle in the coming year. Not just as a resource, but as a friend and constant support. I want to be there for you, because... Well, you know:

Let's start now. What are you looking to accomplish this year? What do you need from me in order to help you achieve your goal? How can I make reading this blog a more positive and enriching experience for you?
As always, let's discuss in the comments. If what you want to talk about is a little too personal, feel free to shoot me an email (mascarawarrior at gmail) and we'll chat.

Also, I just wanted to add: I appreciate every one of you wholeheartedly for reading MW. There'a lot out there to read on the internet these days, so thanks for spending time with me here. Here's to a fantastic 2015 for all of us!

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